Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i guess i just want to take this opportunity to showcase some photos that mean a lot to me. these were all taken in my boyfriends home that he rented with 3 other friends back in 2009. the photographer is brody leblanc, and old friend of mine. i think he manages to perfectly capture the mood and personalities of everyone involved.

matt and andrew, halloween '09

brody (the photographer) and tal

kendra sitting quietly, chris sitting not so quietly

smirk from chris

cody white, the scientist

cody surrounded by friends

FBK shares a 'burg

RIP johnslice 

kendra and my bf mike looking bored

ryan and my fave lil' indian, lucy

mike's face is what's for dinner


wedge (is going to be a father soon)

the living room on windsor

jake, one of my oldest friends


source: brody leblanc
i'll be sure to post a link later to some of his stuff, it really is incredible


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